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July 5, 2017, 2:08 pm
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I’ve spent my time describing the height of waves but never the depth of the ocean beneath me. Crests and valleys have captured my words and thoughts, and I have ignored the fathoms of love below. Every song, every poem, every journal entry about romance relied on the ebb and flow of love’s tides. My journeys into romance have depended on the wind to whip up waves and provide the current for my love. All the while, underneath my frail skiff has been a vastness I could never truly plumb. I know now that love is as deep as the man or woman that draws from it. That bedrock bottoms are cut out during the formation of soul and mind. We underestimate the depths contained inside a human being, question our own ability to draw deeply from within ourselves. Can I love enough? Can I love myself enough? But time has continued to teach me that the answer is a resounding YES.

I’ve grown tired of the waves at times, and most likely focusing exclusively on them has detracted from the depth of love I’ve been given and tried to give. There is something so powerful in the heated moments, the dark moments, the moments of extreme doubt, to quietly look down and feel the gravity of miles below. To hold a loved one in the turmoil and draw up from deep within a love that cares not what the waves are screaming, or what the wind howls. To draw up love from the depths reminds us that we are not merely subject to whatever life throws our way, or whichever way the universe leads our paths. To draw up love from within reminds us that we are enough, for ourselves and for each other.


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