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October 28, 2016, 4:48 pm
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We grope around in the dark searching for the light to our path, but we forgot to strike the match and turn on the gas. So we keep on groping and hoping to find our way amongst the weeds and trees that never seem to clear. I guess I’ve been waiting for the sun to rise on us, the sky to shine bright and blue with wisps of clouds like the spun sugar dreams we’ve feasted upon. 

I admit it: I lost the light inside. It dims down low now and then, like a dry wick when the kerosine is gone. You’ve watched me fight the fade, struggle with the waning. Because I want to wax! I want to burn bright and hot, with fire that cannot be held within a single soul. A flame that licks the edge of the creatures I encounter and sets their hearts alight. 

You are one of those cosmic creatures I’ve encountered. You’ve felt the singe and hugged the heat. When you were weak I stood fast within myself and held my hand to you saying, “You are enough. I am enough. We are enough.” 

Forgive me, lovely human. I have faltered within myself, and my hand has swayed as I catch my own fall. It’s still there, extended toward you, hoping to embrace your fingers and your soul.