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Letter 2.
May 31, 2016, 7:46 am
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Never in my life have I felt more longing than in those silent pauses, the moments when we search for strings to tug inside our hearts. Never have I felt more sure that I could find some other inane question to fill space, never less sure that it would work. Never before has the inane escaped my judgement, and passed into the substantial. Never once before have I wished so much to know plans, routines, sundry tasks.

List them for me. Tell me every tiny detail in finest resolution. I won’t remember, I swear; I’m not wired for it. But as you speak, and in the telling, I am blessed with words from the sweetest mouth and kindest eyes my own have ever laid upon. Eyes like magnets for mine, a pair of north that my south cannot escape.

Do you feel that, too? The stretching space-time when our pupils align. It’s as if two stars that never met were always meant to orbit each other, spiraling closer as eons pass and galaxies fade into chaos. All eternity is contained in those fleeting moments. All of the tragedies in your wet, green-eyed tears; all of the happiest songs and joyous reunions in your beautiful, upturned lips. How could all of human empathy rest upon one wrinkled brow? For, when you listen and scowl at my misfortunes, generations embrace me. A thousand thousand years of kind eyes greet me, and gently say, “You are safe.”


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