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This is why I’m hot.
January 30, 2010, 3:53 am
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It is Friday evening.  My friends are likely out, partying and preparing themselves for another shitty Saturday brunch consisting of PediaLite and crackers.  This night is their reward for a week of studying and working.  If I said I didn’t wish to join them, I would be a liar.  I would love nothing more than to feel the room slosh as I drown the week with the three wise men (Jack, Jim, and Johnnie). 

However, it is Friday evening.  I am not at a party.  I am not at a bar.  I am not at a social event of any kind, to be honest.  I am in a laboratory, working on a project that will consume me alive.  Granted, I took this project by the horns.  TOOK.  So, I have no one to blame. 

So for those of you wondering what my Fridays consist of, there you have it.  I am in a lab, dissecting seedlings and trying to mentally sort through all the tasks I’ll have to do before this project is complete.  Here is a shakedown of what I have been and will be doing for the next 11 months (at least). 

1.  Read and understand the role of the “Cell Division Control Protein 6” (referred to as ‘CDC6’).

 2. Sort out and catalog three boxes of transgenic seeds transformed to overexpress the CDC6 gene.

3. Sprout seedlings for tissue analysis of transgenic lines with gene promoters expressed in roots.  Dissect.

4. Characterize ploidy and gene expression of aforementioned tissue.  Look for correlations. 

5. Plant seeds from each transgenic line (about 30) and backcross into a well-known maize inbred (B73).

6. Plant first filial (F1) seeds and backcross into B73 again.

7. Aaand, backcross one more time.

8.  Along the way, characterize segregation of the transgene (CDC6) in each transgenic line.

9. Choose several lines that have promising segregation patterns.  Produce crosses between transgenic plants and B73.  Collect ears for molecular analysis.

10. Dissect (innumerable) kernels of corn, extract DNA from embryos, extract RNA from half endosperms, analyze nuclei from the other half endosperms. 

It is Friday evening.  I am ready to conquer, even in the most mundane of ways.  I have no desire for lust or drunkenness.  I only desire to learn and create and feed and progress.

This… this is why I’m hot.


From me, to you.
January 27, 2010, 1:15 am
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This is my first official blog.  I had Myspace and Facebook profiles for a good deal of time before deciding it was time to grow up.  I am blogging simply for the purpose of allowing curious family and friends to follow anything notable I might be doing.  I am not a journalist, I am not a photographer, I am not an artist.  I am a student, a researcher, a bland human being searching for color in which to bath.  This blog is not an artistic outlet for me, but a news outlet for you.  So, Mom, Dad, Lia, Eric, Aimee, Geoff, Kimi, Steve, Andrea, Mark, John, Uncles Ron, Russ, and Jeff, Aunts Nina, Kay, Gretchen, Karen, and Jane, Matt G, Ivan, Faith Center peeps, Tonya, and whoever else, this is from me to you.